Pre-owned exam room

Pre-owned exam room w/ chair, stand, slit lamp, and refractor

Stool, w/ Back; round seat, ring type

Stool, w/ back; round seat; and ring for pneumatic height adjustment

Stool, round seat, ring type

Stool w/ round seat and ring for pneumatic height adjustment.

Face Shield, Phoroptor

Breathe Shield, Slit Lamp

Breathe Shield, universal size; to attach to slit lamp optical head/eyepeices.

Premium Flat Panel Acuity Chart

Digital acuity chart with a wide variety of slides and auxiliary charts

Trial Frames

A variety of trial lens frames are available from various manufacturers.

Trial Lens Set

Trial lenses, corrected curve.

Trial Lens Set

Non corrected curve, Full Diameter lens set, in case.