Applanation tonometer tip covers, disposable

Occluders, adhesive, disposable

Occluders, adhesive, disposable

IM900 Photo Attachment

For Haag-Streit Slit Lamps

IM600 Photo Attachment

Slit lamp photo attachment for Haag-Streit slit lamps BP and BQ


disposable covers for applanation tonometer prisms, to prevent the spread of infection

Applanation Tonometers

Come in a variety of styles for specific model slit lamps.

1490 Slit Lamp Table

Designed exclusively for slit lamp and/or slit lamp photography

EyeSuite Software

Software for analyzing perimetry data. Also connects with Haag-Streit Imaging and LenStar

CM900 Photo Attachment

Photo attachment for Haag-Streit BI slit lamp


Convergent optics, LED illumination, 2 magnifications, tilt feature, and more.


Parallel optics, LED illumination, 3 magnifications, tilt feature, & more.


Parallel optics, LED illumination, 5 magnifications, tilt feature, & more.

BX Photo Imaging System

Complete slit lamp digital imaging system, integrated optically and illumination; with software.

Octopus 900

Full field Static and Kinetic perimetry; all commonly used static test, G and M pattern testing, analysis software, fixation control, network ready.


Convergent optics, LED illumination, 2 magnifications, tilt feature, camera connection, and more.

Octopus 600

Central field Fast Screening; TOP strategy; G and M pattern testing, white-on-white testing, fixation control, software, and network ready