Portable PSL ONE Slit Lamp

Keeler portable slit lamp; rheostat controlled halogen illumination; 10X and 16X magnifications; red free, blue, neutral density, and clear filters.

Phoroptor Face Shield

Face/Breathe Shield for Phoroptor/Refractor

Thermometer, Digital

Hand held digital thermometer

Safety Glasses

Protective Goggles and Glasses

Cleaning Solution

Cleaning solution for non-optical surfaces

Face Shield for Keeler Binocular Indirect

Clear face shield for Keeler binocular indirect.

Face Shield, Keeler

Face Shield for Slit Lamps

Face Masks

Breathe Shields

Portable PSL CLASSIC Slit Lamp

Keeler portable slit lamp, hand held or stand mount; 10x magnification; 6 step slit wheel; and red free, blue, neutral density, and clear filters.


Portable pachymeter


Non Contact Tonometer, Automatic



Vantage Plus LED Digital

Digital Imaging LED Indirect Ophthalmoscope w/ sofware.


A single solution ultrasound imaging at an affordable price. Combined A-Scan. B-Scan, UBM, and pachymeter.

UBM Plus

For anterior segment imaging. Features an all-in-one probe design to eliminate signal loss and provide sharpest image.

B-Scan Plus

Superior image of -0.015mm resolution with Connect Software

A-Scan Plus Connect

Immersion and Contact modes for A scan ultrasound

Connect – Ultrasound Imaging Software

Software solution for managing ultrasound patient workflow, including A-Scan, B-Scan, and/or UBM.

Cryo MKII Surgical System

Console auto configuration for optimum operating parameters for any given probe characteristics.

Stool, Surgical

Special stool for surgeon comfort

Surgical Products

Line of Surgical items including the Chan handset; Surgical Drape; Pillows for head placement; and the Keeler Surgical Stool

Surgical Loupes and Lights

for magnification with or without spectacle correct; with or without lights

Charger, Desk

for hand instruments’ battery handles


Non-Contact, Hand-Held

BIO Accessories

Teaching mirrors, Scleral Depressors; Batteries; and a wide variety of accessories.

Halberg Clips

Halberg clips for trial lens and trial frame

Retineoscope, Combi

Bimodal model, streak and spot combination; halogen illumination

Retineoscope, streak

streak model

Ophthalmoscope, Direct, Pocket

Pocket model, portable and compact.

Ophthalmoscope, Direct

Specialist model, Xenon illumination; expanded dioptor range; premium optics.

Ophthalmoscope, Direct

Professional model, xenon illumination, comprehensive lens range


Parallel optics, LED light source, 5 magnifications, multiple filters, and more.


Parallel optics, LED light source, 3 magnifications, multiple filters, and more.


Parallel optics, LED light source, 5 magnifications, multiple filters, and more.

Binocular Indirect All Pupil II

All Pupil Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope, wired or wireless

Binocular Indirect Vantage Plus

Vantage Plus indirect ophthalmoscope w/ LED illumination, wireless or corded.

Spectra Iris

compact, lightweight and portable with big benefits for professionals on the move