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Refractors, Keratometers Auto

Chronos Automated Binocular Refraction System

All-In-One automated binocular Refraction System combines binocular autorefraction and keratometry measurements; with subjective testing and visual acuity testing in a single instrument

RM-800 Auto Refractor

Objective auto refractor; color screen

KR-800S Auto Refractor; Subjective

Subjective refractor, Contrast Grid, and Glare Testing

KR-8000PA Auto Refractor/Keratometer w/ Corneal Mapping

Auto Refractor/Keratometer w/ corneal mapping software.

KR-800 Auto Refractor/Keratometer

Objective, color monitor, and printer

KR-1W Wavefront Analyzer

Refractor/Keratometer, review software available

KR-1 Automated Auto Refractor

Objective auto refractor; Fully automatic; color touch screen


Auto Refractor/Keratometer