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Projectors & Visual Acuity Systems

VisiChart LCD Flat Panel Acuity Chart

Remote control, wall mount, and table mount

ACP-8R Auto Chart Projector

Wireless controller, variable focus lens, polarized screen, and ETDRS charts.

Premium Flat Panel Acuity Chart

BAT – Brightness Acuity Tester

For testing acuity in bright light


Potential Acuity Device

LongLife Projector

manual chart projector

Stimuliā„¢ Refraction Equipment

Mac-based LCD Acuity System

LCD ClearChart 4 Series

Digital acuity system. Call and talk to us about the 4, 4X, and 4P options.


Projection Acuity System with head and cord.

LCD Acuity Chart SC-1600

LCD Digital Acuity System