EOSR’s factory trained service personnel can repair your instruments and equipment in our shop or at your facility.  The work is guaranteed and the costs are fair.  In many cases loaner items are available.   Contact us to discuss your service and support needs.

Preventive Maintenance

Keep your instruments and equipment in prime operating condition.  EOSR can provide preventive maintenance for all or selected items in an exam room or office. This includes complete cleaning, lubrication, and calibration.  Free estimates.

Phoroptor Refractor Cleaning

Let EOSR keep one of your primary instruments clean and in peak working condition. Our technicians will disassemble your refractor; clean all lenses; lubricate all gears; adjust all tensions; and confirm all functions. This process is done by hand; one lens and one component at a time. No shortcuts. Loaners available.

Cleaning and Preventive Maintenance

  • Clean all optical surfaces
  • Lubricate thrust bearings and Geneva assembly
  • Clean and adjust stop index rollers
  • Lubricate turret assembly
  • Confirm cylinder lens axis calibration
  • Lubricate and adjust Jackson Cross Cylinder spring tension
  • Confirm Jackson Cross Cylinder axis calibration
  • Reassemble Phoroptor/Refractor check indexes and adjust if necessary
  • Check for proper operation
  • Clean exterior

Complete Overhaul Services

In addition to the Cleaning and Preventive Maintenance, the following procedures are accomplished:

  • Remove and disassemble turret and cylinder axis synchronization assembly
  • Remove lubricants and clean all parts
  • Lubricate and reassemble parts
  • Remove cylinder axis drive gear assembly
  • Clean and lubricate drive gear assembly
  • Replace axis drive gear assembly and verify axis calibration
  • Replace synchronization assembly
  • Verify that axis knob correctly lines up with axis scale. Adjust alignment of synchronization assembly to accomplish correct alignment
  • Adjust axis rotation tension
  • Lubricate cylinder power scale
  • Lubricate cylinder thrust bearings