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Disinfection solutions

Cleaning Solution

Cleaning solution for non-optical surfaces

Misc. Protection Items

Thermometer, Digital

Hand held digital thermometer

Shields, Face and Breathe

Breathe Shield, Slit Lamp

Breathe Shield, universal size; to attach to slit lamp optical head/eyepeices.

Face Shield, Phoroptor

Face Shield, for Heine Binocular Indirect

Face shield for a Heine Binocular Indirect

Face Shield, Keeler

Face Shield for Slit Lamps

Face Shield for Keeler Binocular Indirect

Clear face shield for Keeler binocular indirect.

Safety Glasses

Protective Goggles and Glasses

Face Masks

Breathe Shields

Face Shields, Refractor

Face Shields, for all phoropter/refractor brands, washable or disposable available.

Tonometry Hand Held


Applanation tonometer tip covers, disposable