Ophthalmoscopes, Indirect

Binocular Indirect, Heine OMEGA 600

New high-end BIO; lightweight, 20% better view with “vision boost”; fewer cables; and greater comfort

BIO Accessories

A variety of Binocular Indirect Accessories are available.

Vantage Plus LED Digital

Digital Imaging LED Indirect Ophthalmoscope w/ sofware.


LED illumination; Synchronized convergence and parallax adjustment system

BIO Accessories

Teaching mirrors, Scleral Depressors; Batteries; and a wide variety of accessories.

Binocular Indirect All Pupil II

All Pupil Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope, wired or wireless

Binocular Indirect Vantage Plus

Vantage Plus indirect ophthalmoscope w/ LED illumination, wireless or corded.

Spectra Iris

compact, lightweight and portable with big benefits for professionals on the move