Lenses, Diagnostic

ClearPod, for Volk Lenses

Fog reduction from patients’ facemask.

Pen, Lens Cleaning

Pen, hand held, for cleaning optical surfaces.

Cleaner, Lens, Disposable

Lens Cleaner, Moistened, disposable

Lenses, Gonio

Produces a wide range of gonioscopic lenses. For best review, go to www.ocularinc.com

Lenses, Slit Lamp, Super Series

Super66, SuperField NC, Super Vitreous Fundus, and Super Pupil XL

Lenses, Slit Lamp, Non-Contact

60D, 78D, and 90D

Lenses, Binocular Indirect, Digital

Clear field, clear mag

Lenses, Binocular Indirect

14D, 20D, 28D, 30D, 40D, and others.