Stool, w/ Back; round seat, ring type

Stool, w/ back; round seat; and ring for pneumatic height adjustment

Stool, round seat, ring type

Stool w/ round seat and ring for pneumatic height adjustment.

Portable PSL ONE Slit Lamp

Keeler portable slit lamp; rheostat controlled halogen illumination; 10X and 16X magnifications; red free, blue, neutral density, and clear filters.

VR SmartSystem Visual Field Device

Programmable VR Headset for fast and accurate Visual Field Testing.


Manual Tilting chair w/ hydraulic base, auto return feature, and foot pedal


B3 Slit Lamp, tower illumination, Galilean optics, 10X, 16X, 25X. LED illumination

Binocular Indirect, Heine OMEGA 600

New high-end BIO; lightweight, 20% better view with “vision boost”; fewer cables; and greater comfort

ClearPod, for Volk Lenses

Fog reduction from patients’ facemask.

Face Shield, for Heine Binocular Indirect

Face shield for a Heine Binocular Indirect

Phoroptor Face Shield

Face/Breathe Shield for Phoroptor/Refractor


Applanation tonometer tip covers, disposable

Thermometer, Digital

Hand held digital thermometer

Safety Glasses

Protective Goggles and Glasses

Cleaning Solution

Cleaning solution for non-optical surfaces

Face Shield for Keeler Binocular Indirect

Clear face shield for Keeler binocular indirect.

Face Shield, Keeler

Face Shield for Slit Lamps

Cleaning Reichert Avia Tonopen

Procedure for disinfection of Avia Tonopen

Cleaning Octopus Perimeters

Procedure for cleaning Octopus Visual Fields Machines

Cleaning Retinal Cameras

Procedure for cleaning lenses on retinal cameras

Cleaning Tonometers Prisms

Procedure for cleaning applanation tonometer prisms

CDC Guidelines

CDC Guidelines for instrument disinfection

Cleaning Slit Lamps

Procedure for cleaning and disinfecting slit lamps

Cleaning Exam Chairs

Cleaning Exam Chairs, Stools, etc.

Face Masks

Breathe Shields

Face Shields, Refractor

Face Shields, for all phoropter/refractor brands, washable or disposable available.

Occluders, adhesive, disposable

Occluders, adhesive, disposable

Pen, Lens Cleaning

Pen, hand held, for cleaning optical surfaces.

Cleaner, Lens, Disposable

Lens Cleaner, Moistened, disposable

Breathe Shield, Slit Lamp

Breathe Shield, universal size; to attach to slit lamp optical head/eyepeices.

B2 Slit Lamp

Parallel Optics, 3 magnifications; LED illumination; 14mm vertical slit; and multiple filters

K2 3 Instrument Table

3 Instrument table, handicapped accessible

K2 Wheelchair Accessible Table

K2036RTP5 Handicapped Accessible Table, Motorized

K2 Single Instrument Table

K2 #K2020GT Motorized Single Top Table

Portable PSL CLASSIC Slit Lamp

Keeler portable slit lamp, hand held or stand mount; 10x magnification; 6 step slit wheel; and red free, blue, neutral density, and clear filters.


New Bravo stand w/ 2 instrument wells.

Premium Flat Panel Acuity Chart

Digital acuity chart with a wide variety of slides and auxiliary charts

3 Instrument Table

3 Instrument Electric Table

2 Instrument Table

2 Instrument Electric Table


Portable pachymeter


Non Contact Tonometer, Automatic


455 Slit Lamp

Parallel design, wide field optics, halogen illumination, and 5 magnifications

255 Slit Lamp

Compact design, wide field optics, halogen illumination, 3 magnifications.


Binocular Loupes 2.5X

High resolution. Crisp image. Various magnifications.

BIO Accessories

A variety of Binocular Indirect Accessories are available.

Vantage Plus LED Digital

Digital Imaging LED Indirect Ophthalmoscope w/ sofware.

Chair Mover

Wheeled chair mover


Manual Tilting chair w/ hydraulic base, auto return feature, and foot pedal. Standard Color

IM900 Photo Attachment

For Haag-Streit Slit Lamps

IM600 Photo Attachment

Slit lamp photo attachment for Haag-Streit slit lamps BP and BQ

Trial Frames

A variety of trial lens frames are available from various manufacturers.

Cryo MKII Surgical System

Console auto configuration for optimum operating parameters for any given probe characteristics.

Stool, Surgical

Special stool for surgeon comfort

Surgical Products

Line of Surgical items including the Chan handset; Surgical Drape; Pillows for head placement; and the Keeler Surgical Stool

Trial Lens Set

Trial lenses, corrected curve.


disposable covers for applanation tonometer prisms, to prevent the spread of infection

Surgical Loupes and Lights

for magnification with or without spectacle correct; with or without lights

BAT – Brightness Acuity Tester

For testing acuity in bright light

Charger, Desk

for hand instruments’ battery handles


Auto Refractor/Keratometer

Applanation Tonometers

Applanation Tonometers

For Marco Slit Lamps

Applanation Tonometers

Come in a variety of styles for specific model slit lamps.

1490 Slit Lamp Table

Designed exclusively for slit lamp and/or slit lamp photography

EyeSuite Software

Software for analyzing perimetry data. Also connects with Haag-Streit Imaging and LenStar

MT-1 Lensmeter

Manual Lensometer


LED Muscle light


Hand held and ideal for situations where a full-size slit lamp is not available or convenient. For the examination of the anterior segment in human and veterinary medicine.

BETA 200 LED Retinoscope

For a very bright, readily visible fundus reflex: brilliant, precise streak image with a line width of typically 1.1 mm (ISO 12865 Standard < 1.5 mm) and a line length of 35 mm.


LED illumination; Synchronized convergence and parallax adjustment system


LED illumination; aluminum dust free system; variety of lenses and apertures.

MINI3000 LED Ophthalmoscope

Pocket design, LED illumination; multiples lenses and apertures.

Beta 200 LED Ophthalmoscope

LED illumination; aluminum dust free system; variety of lenses and apertures.


pachymeter, digital, contact


Digital Hand Held Applanation Tonometer


Non-Contact, Hand-Held


Non Contact


Non Contact

BIO Accessories

Teaching mirrors, Scleral Depressors; Batteries; and a wide variety of accessories.

Refracting Tools

Prism bars; trial lens clips; near cards; retineoscopy racks, and a variety of accessories for refraction.

Testing Products

Color testing; Stereo Fly Test; Amsler Grid, etc. A wide variety is available.

Halberg Clips

Halberg clips for trial lens and trial frame

Lenses, Gonio

Produces a wide range of gonioscopic lenses. For best review, go to www.ocularinc.com

Lenses, Slit Lamp, Super Series

Super66, SuperField NC, Super Vitreous Fundus, and Super Pupil XL

Lenses, Slit Lamp, Non-Contact

60D, 78D, and 90D

Lenses, Binocular Indirect, Digital

Clear field, clear mag

Lenses, Binocular Indirect

14D, 20D, 28D, 30D, 40D, and others.

Retineoscope, Combi

Bimodal model, streak and spot combination; halogen illumination

Retineoscope, streak

streak model

Ophthalmoscope, Direct, Pocket

Pocket model, portable and compact.

Ophthalmoscope, Direct

Specialist model, Xenon illumination; expanded dioptor range; premium optics.

Ophthalmoscope, Direct

Professional model, xenon illumination, comprehensive lens range

CM900 Photo Attachment

Photo attachment for Haag-Streit BI slit lamp

RT-700 Refractor, manual, Illuminated

Illuminated, Manual controls, with synchronized CC.

Ultramatic RX Master Phoroptor, Illuminated

Industry standard phoroptor, + or – cyl; manual, synchronized CC.

LensChek Pro

Digital Lensometer w/ PD and UV readouts.

920 940 Chair Glides

Chair glide mover system, high density polyethylene or solid aluminum, w/ 27″ range of travel

Single Instrument Table

Motorized, Pedestal type, 2 table top sizes or without top