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CC-100 Digital Chart Display

Digital display of a wide variety of charts and educational slides and videos


Fully automated Lens Analyzer

OMS-90 Operation Microscope

Surgical microscope; coaxial Illumination; PD adjustment knob; built in yellow filter; 5 magnifications, and with or without X-Y translator

Chronos Automated Binocular Refraction System

All-In-One automated binocular Refraction System combines binocular autorefraction and keratometry measurements; with subjective testing and visual acuity testing in a single instrument

OS-400 Stool w/ Auto Locking casters

Pneumatic stool with seat and back; and auto locking casters.

Triton OCT

Swept Source OCT w/ non-myd fundus camera; 1,050 nm light source; scanning speed of 100,00 A Scan/sec; eye trackiing; 12mm X 9mm widefield scan; and other automated features.

Maestro2 OCT

Hi-Res OCT w/ non-myd camera; 12mm X 9mm scan w/ automated segmentation provides measurement and topographical images of optic nerve and macula.

SL-2G Slit Lamp

Parallel optical system; LED illumination; 3 magnification; no video port.

DC-4 Photo Attachment

Digital for SL-D series slit lamps; w/ software, pc and monitor.

VT-10 Refractor

Refractor, plus or minus cylinder

VisiChart LCD Flat Panel Acuity Chart

Remote control, wall mount, and table mount

Trial Lens Set; Full Diameter

Full Diameter, plus and minus cylinder and spheres

Trial Frame, Metal

Trial Frame, Metal

TRC-NW8 Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

45 degree; w/ Nikon digital camera back; IMAGEnet software; PC; monitor.

TRC-NW400 Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

Auto focus; auto photo; color monitor; with or without computer.

TRC-50DX Retinal Camera

Variable angle; red-free filter; flash programmable; tilt feature; internal fixation; FA filters,; and table top

SL-D701 Slit Lamp

Parallel optical system; 5 magnifications; tower model; LED illumination; video ready.

SL-D4 Slit Lamp

Parallel optical system; 5 magnifications; fixation device; and halogen illumination

SL-D2 Slit Lamp

Parallel optical system; 3 magnifications; fixation device and halogen magnification

RM-800 Auto Refractor

Objective auto refractor; color screen

OS-100 Stool

pneumatic stool w/ round seat, no back

OM-4 Ophthalmometer


OC-2400 Chair

Hydraulic, power tilt

OC-2300 Chair

Hydraulic lift, power recline

OC-2200 Chair

Hydraulic chair, manual recline

Lensmeter; LM-8E

Lensmeter; manual, battery powered

CL-300 Lensmeter, Auto

Lensmeter, Auto, UV, and printer

KR-800S Auto Refractor; Subjective

Subjective refractor, Contrast Grid, and Glare Testing

KR-8000PA Auto Refractor/Keratometer w/ Corneal Mapping

Auto Refractor/Keratometer w/ corneal mapping software.

KR-800 Auto Refractor/Keratometer

Objective, color monitor, and printer

KR-1W Wavefront Analyzer

Refractor/Keratometer, review software available

KR-1 Automated Auto Refractor

Objective auto refractor; Fully automatic; color touch screen

IS-5500 Ophthalmic Stand

Slit lamp arm, instrument recharge wells, refractor arm, and lamp

CV-5000S Refraction System

PROMOTION – Topcon Refraction System, Digital w/ free visual acuity systems.

CT-80 Non-Contact Computerized Tonometer

Auto measurement mode; built in monitor; and printer.

CA-800 Corneal Analyzer

Color monitor, analyzer

Aladdin Corneal Topographer

Biometer w/ corneal topographer; software; analysis

AIT-650 Table

Imaging workstation table, electric; wheelchair accessible.

AIT-350 Table

Electric three (3) instrument table; electric; wheelchair accessible

AIT-250 Table

Electric, 2 instrument table, wheelchair accessible

AIT-16 Table

Electric instrument, single or double top

ACP-8R Auto Chart Projector

Wireless controller, variable focus lens, polarized screen, and ETDRS charts.